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About Us
Belief is the fuel for action
Our Mission
We are focused on creating content that transforms, educates, and inspires,  breakthroughs.    
Value System
Our most valued asset is YOU.  We take pride in providing the best coaching, lessons, & tools to help you accelerate your results by leveraging the power of our knowledge. 
Belief System
We believe in moving beyond personal growth and to contribute to the life's of others. By doing this we live a fulfilling life by helping you transform yours. 
Meet- John Baker
Meet- John Baker
 Hi! I am John Baker. I am a dedicated entrepreneur, coach, & fortunate father! Welcome to MyLifeProfits. 

My passion

To help others evolve in new ways to live a life of abundance. I created MyLifeProfits to help new or struggling entrepreneurs turn their passion into a profitable business.

My Journey

Before I created this business, I helped my father grow his small construction/service company in Colorado. Within 5 years the business is has more than doubled and we are now pursuing multi-million dollar nationwide service contracts and we have grown our operation to the 5 surrounding states. 

The BIG Picture

By helping my father's company create this type of huge momentum I became inspired to help others achieve success in their own life. Our approach to business is built on a simple concept which revolves around our customers. 

I take pride in creating profound breakthroughs for your business. We offer the training to help you take your idea and turn it into reality. 
Our Approach To Helping You Achieve Success  
I believe that most entrepreneurs struggle with similar problems. The problem we typically see are- forming a strategy and following up with consistent action. 

Our plan is designed to educate you on how to overcome these issues by providing training that creates clarity when building your online business. 

Our platform works best for those who have not made money online or are still struggling to become profitable. 

We do NOT deliver learning in JUST the technical form. We also create inspiring lessons to increase your overall performance in life. 

We understand that technical knowledge is NOT enough so we have carefully designed training to avoid these common mistakes among other platforms. 

   If you want more to perform with more clarity, passion, and greater results then I believe you coming here was NOT a coincidence. I encourage you to look no further and begin your journey with us.  

Remember YOU aren't just signing up for a training program, you are becoming a partner that we care deeply about. So will you allow me to help you overcome your struggles and confusion? If so, lets start this epic journey together! (:
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